Englische Zusammenfassung der Key-Note von Peter Kriens

Why OSGi (Open Services Gateway Initiative) ?

  1. Wire components together, not only beans or such
  2. Manage these components

What is OSGi?

In this case not the alliance but the specification and the API for a component framework – actually it is a SPI including the test cases. You can feel free and provide your own implementation – the interfaces are all in Java. You might have heard of Equinox as the Eclipse implementation.

What does it have in stock for you?

  • Register services (which are basically interfaces)
  • Bind implementations to a service
  • Find a service (or more precisely the bound implementation)
  • Listeners on service binding and unbinding

Component Life Cycle

  1. install
  2. start
  3. stop
  4. update
  5. uninstall

You can react on any life cycle update and do what you need to do, e.g. allocate a connection pool on install, free it on uninstall, etc.